The Santiago Series: Direct Empowerment Fund
The Santiago Series: Direct Empowerment Fund
The Santiago Series: Direct Empowerment Fund

The Santiago Series: Direct Empowerment Fund

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The Santiago Slide Series is a collaboration with Cooperativa Batz Tejidos, designer and community activist Diego Petzey. Diego is an advocate and culture bearer in his town, Santiago Atitlan, where he works to support public health, economic access and the world renowned jaspe dyeing and weaving techniques of his people. 

The Santiago Azul is a textile Teysha and Cooperativa Batz Tejido devolved in collaboration. The teal is meant as a reflection of the brilliant blues and greens that envelop Lago Atitlan from the water, to the forest, and all of the rich plant life along its shores. 

The textile is made in partnership between the women and men of the cooperative who carefully prepare the threads with hundreds of intricately tied knots, then dyed to develop the precise patterns seen in the textile. The thread preparation takes about a week of work and 6 or more artisans working together, then the threads are passed to the weaver, in this case Diego, who prepares the loom and begins to weave. Thread by thread, he lines up the designs crafted by his artisan teammates, and over the course of a week, or more, will weave the entirety of the textile.  

We would like to invite the Teysha community to help make this textile a mainstay, but first need to find a minimum of 10 people willing to help finance its production. Your investment will fund at least 6 artisans to dedicate themselves to producing this textile. If we can reach 20 or more pre-orders, over 12 people will have over a month of strong employment and good pay. 

Our Method

Fair Wages

We work to boost the value of artisan work and pay an average of 30-50% more per piece while simultaneously investing upwards of 50% of revenue directly into artisan development efforts. 

Grassroots FTW!

4-6 Week Production or Express*

 From our hand-welted leather soles to delicately embroidered uppers, Teysha is working to be one of the leaders of the sustainable fashion movement.  

Slow fashion = Quality craft

Fit & Construction Guarantee

We strive to make the highest quality and best fitting shoes possible. Let us know of any fit or construction issues  and will expedite a replacement pair.

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