April Boot Tour

A year ago we took a leap and landed into the world of custom hand-crafted boots. We started with a couple of pairs of boots, a small team of artisan cobblers, collected many-a-textiles from Mayan women throughout Antigua and got busy making our first round of boots. This leap propelled us into a wild journey of building supply chains, organizational processes, design, and all sorts of other challenges and has lead us to the point where we are actually creating our own shoe workshop where we can help many artisans gain access to the resources, designs, and knowledge to be a part of the global marketplace.

Without you, none of this would ever have happened. We would like to invite you all to Guatemala to experience the early stages of our next chapter, get to experience the beauty Guatemala has to offer, understand more about where your investment goes and how you are helping to empower communities in an amazing way.


Day 1: Arrive in Antigua, Guatemala. Sunset, volcanoes, welcome dinner and drinks at Cafe Sky and Mezcal tasting at Cafe No Se.

  • Hotel options: Hotel Santo Domingo,

Day 2: Good morning, colonial tour, boots and BBQ (Guatemalan style).

  • Breakfast at Y Tu Pina Tambien, orientation, and walking tour of Antigua ruins, markets, and architecture.
  • Lunch on your own.
  • Afternoon, boot fitting and shoe making demonstration in Pastores and churrasco (BBQ) with the artisan team.
  • Night: optional Salsa lessons or rest up for trip to Lake Atitlan.

Day 3: Lago, volcanoes, and relaxation.

  • Morning shuttles to Lago Atitlan.
  • Arrive at Laguna Lodge Eco-resort and Nature Reserve
    • Nature hike and history of the lake and culture.
    • Swimming, kayaking, and hammock-ing.
  • Sunset tour of Lake, give offerings to Maximón, Mayan dinner in Santiago.
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxim%C3%B3n

Day 4: Textiles, natural dyes, and farming.

  • Lake Tour to Mayan villages
  • Natural dyeing and weaving demonstrations by Cooperatives of San Juan de Laguna
  • Find new beautiful textiles for your home!
  • Farm tour and natural dyeing initiative.
  • Kayak to San Pedro, yoga, healthy dinner, and get weird with backpackers.

Day 5: Free day

  • Hiking volcanoes, relaxing, shopping, exploring: Have fun!

Day 6: Chichi to Antigua

  • Pit stop at one of Guatemala's largest Artisan markets. Experience the ChiChi power!
  • Back to Antigua for boot pick-up or textile drop off
  • Coffee farm tour at Azotea
  • :Thank you dinner and party in secret location.

Day 7: Home or onward to Semuc Champey

  • Airport shuttles for the homeward bound
  • Journey to Semuc Champey for more exploration (3 day extension)
  • Pave your own way! Tikal, more antigua, deep sea fishing?

Itinerary is flexible and so much more is possible. This is a simple outline of the possibilities and a general idea. Please feel free to e-mail Travis@teysha.is with questions, ideas, concerns, or if you are ready to rock!


Hope you will join us someday on an adventure!



I would love to do a boot tour…maybe in May, if you have another then. I may not be able to make April, but if I could, late April. I am planning on going down to Chiapas and would love to make my way to your town and volunteer in any way needed. Is that a possibility? I would also, whilst there, love to have a pair of boots made that I could treasure forever! I bought a pair of the slippers at HOPE market in austin, TX and really love looking down and seeing them on my feet! And they are comfortable!!! I think this is a great project and would really like to connect with the bootmakers and aid in whatever I can around the town or projects octopus-arming out from there. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! And good work! -Heather

Heather Eakin February 07, 2014

Please put me on the mailing list. I can’t go this spring, but I would be interested in a Guatamala trip in the future.

Mark Bentley February 07, 2014

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