Artisanal Textiles

Weaving Worlds

Teysha's purpose is to connect communities through art, culture and entrepreneurship. 

Through our grassroots, people-centered, manufacturing model, Teysha works with dozens of communities across the Americas to weave, sole and craft the highest quality, culturally charged textiles, footwear and goods possible. 


Artisan Powered Impact

Teysha is committed to building and investing into small businesses, artists and community leaders who are committed to building a better world. We believe business can be a force for good, when it is centered on lasting relationships, environmental stewardship and the empowerment of vibrant communities. 

50%, that's right... at least one full half, of Teysha's profits are re-invested into our community partners to create further training, access to innovative technology, tools, and material, as well as development programming to boost artisan equity, entrepreneurship and educational opportunities. 

Shoes That Move Us

Hand-crafted Footwear

With Teysha's roots in Texas, we have a deep appreciation for hand-made boots. Since our beginning 8 years ago, we've worked to find shoemakers and craftspeople who can match the quality of our textile artisan partners and create goods that stand the test of time.

All of our products come with a full 90 day guarantee and most shoe styles can be re-soled and last for decades.