As the festival neared its finish, we met even more lovely people. We heard their stories and told them the stories of our goods. Some of the members of Stop Light Observations came by to pick up some hats and told us their story – about their desire to make music without confinement, and about their excitement for their upcoming West Coast tour.
The last concert on the main stage – Jack Johnson, – ended with fireworks. Wish Lanterns drifted into the sky as we left the grounds, like giant fireflies for everyone to pin their last dreams on.
We celebrated the happy weekend with our new vendor friends from The Local Branch. They travel all over the United States and print their own designs on American-made clothing, so all of their goods are “made throughout America.” They live and work in an airstream.
Inside, their cozy home feels more like a log cabin; Mackenzie and Blaine paneled the walls with reclaimed redwood fence posts, planted succulents above the windows, and decorated with cow skulls, a vintage American flag, and handmade prints. We leaned against a pillow made of a vintage wool rug, our backs to the industrial sewing machine Mackenzie and Blaine use to make their leather goods, like holsters and boot satchels. We drank apple cider and whiskey from their visit to The Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, and listened to stories about their travels through mountains and valleys and deserts all over the wide United States of America. Mackenzie explained how Blaine hand draws all their designs, then paints them on a screen, avoiding the harsh chemicals usually used in printing.
We’re so grateful for Mackenzie and Blaine’s creative passion, adventurous spirit, and love for the earth and people around them! We’re back on the road, with less boots and more stories and inspiration to take with us.




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