Scion Motivate Contest--->Teysha Needs Your Help!

Calling All Teysha Supporters!

Help Us Win the Scion Motivate Contest!

About a week ago, Teysha entered the Scion Motivate Contest, an amazing opportunity in which young entrepreneurs working within the creative arts community showcase their businesses for the chance to win $10,000 and a brand new Scion of their choice! The contest required a short video submission, accompanied by a few essays about Teysha's mission and goals. After hours of tireless work and collaboration, we can't help but talk about how proud we are of our contest submission, whatever the outcome may be.


A good portion of the contest involves expressing how much of a community we have already built up. Teysha prides itself on having the greatest customers in the world, and a thriving community of supporters and advisors. Please continue to show your support for Teysha and our mission by simply viewing our video on Youtube, giving it a thumbs up, and perhaps a comment if you dare.

Please Watch Our Video by Clicking Here!

Also, anyone who posts a viewer response talking about how much you love Teysha will be eligible to win a amazing bracelet made from South American jungle fibers. Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks and Love from the Teysha Crew to you!

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