Liberate Your Sole Tour- Week 1!

Wooh! Crazy how fast a week (or two) can go by! The past 11 days have been full of Nature, new friends, new cities, great food, music, lots of shoes and boots, and all around good times!

Before we left Austin, we were in major preparation mode- getting the Teysha Nomad (our vehicle) ready, preparing our Bonnaroo display, organizing inventory, printing, trying to think of everything we could ever possibly need after arriving to Bonnaroo. It was much different compared to our booth at ACL where we were just 15 minutes away from home- now we were 15 hours away and going to be living on the Bonnaroo farm for 6 days...! We were nervous, excited, a bit frightened, but ready to hit the road!

Our first night we camped out in the Caddo Valley area of Arkansas. It was gorgeous- huge lakes, tall trees, fireflies. It was so nice to be out in nature- and extra special for us because our name, Teysha, comes from the Caddo word for friend or ally.

And then, it was time for... BONNAROO!!! As vendors, we arrived several days earlier than the festival attendees so we had plenty of time to set-up, get situated, make friends with our vendor neighbors, see Paul McCartney's private sound-check, all the good stuff. By 11am Friday morning we were ready to rock. The gates opened at 12, and thousands of people literally sprinted to the front of the main stage, hoping to get front row seats to the next acts. From 12pm Friday to 12am Sunday, it seemed as if our booth was constantly packed- we met people from across the South, the USA, and all over the world. It was so much fun for our team to be there meeting everyone, sharing our mission, and hearing their absolute excitement and passion for Teysha. It was so energizing for us all to see and hear people's reactions, we were all on a high for the whole weekend! It went by so quickly- a ton of great music, beautiful new friends, and lots of hats/shoes/boots on people's feet.

After Bonnaroo, we were welcomed with open arms by our dear friend Ben in East Nashville. The moment we stepped in to his home was surreal- we had just spent the past 6 days camping and showering in water fountains, and there we were in this beautiful little house surrounded by trees. Ben took us around Nashville which was quite gorgeous- green everywhere with cute little homes and restaurants and boutiques. We had an amazing dinner at The Pharmacy-- yum!!

In Nashville, we stopped at Crema Coffee, where we met Leah and Cheryl and from Wolfe Journal. The ladies were on their way to Austin so we were excited to plug them into our artist community in Austin. That night, we had the huge honor of being able to do a pop up shop at the Outside City Limits Tour featuring Marmalakes, Wild Child, and Shakey Graves-- all amazing Austin musicians! The show was absolutely beautiful, each of these bands are soo talented- you must check them out!

On our last day in Nashville, we headed over to the Wolfe ladies at the Fort Houston creative space- a huge old warehouse full of artists, graphic designers, and all-around creative types. We did a photo shoot with the Wolfe girls and our Guate Boots, and are excited to be featured in their journal when it launches!

We also stopped by Imogene + Willie- a store that inspired us through its attention to detail, focus on quality and craftsmanship, and beautiful and ever changing displays.  Imogene + Willie make jeans and clothing in the USA, and they inspired us through their simplicity and practicality- with style.

And then we were off to Atlanta- we met a wonderful woman at Bonnaroo who invited us to have a trunk show at her gorgeous home in Atlanta- so kind of her to offer, and the show was a huge hit! So much fun to meet a whole new group of women here!

And now we are off to Athens! You can find us at the Terrapin Brew Tour on Friday at 5:15, and at New Earth Music Hall all day Saturday. On Sunday we'll be at Whole Foods Market Arabella Station in New Orleans, and Tuesday we'll be back in Austin for a night and would love to see y'all for happy hour at in.gredients!

Thanks for following!!!!! Give us a shout if you'd like to host a trunk show in any of our upcoming cities!

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So fun to read about your Southeast adventures! Glad to hear everything went well. Teysha continues to forge its path. Rock on!

Liliana June 21, 2013

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