Nature is Art is Nature

We were thrilled to check out Ritual Mandala's beautiful installation this weekend at the Newport Folk Festival. Melissa Glorieux designed her dream pair of Teysha Vaquera boots a few months ago featuring a beautiful floral and geometric textile woven in Chichicastenango. We were so inspired by Melissa's knack for seeing the natural beauty that is all around us. 

mandala and custom boots

In Melissa's own words:

"My mandalas are a combination of creative expression and a sort of a being-in-the-moment meditation. I’m inspired by the tradition in eastern religions that a mandala represents the cosmos or universe. My mandalas are made from locally foraged materials. As a result, each mandala ends up being a representation of the local “universe”. The materials used in my mandalas are location and season specific. For example, the Folk Fest mandala included beach sand, rose hips, cat tails, sea shells and the wildflower tansy - all items that are found in the Newport universe in July."
mandala custom boots
nature mandala
See more inspiring art at:
How are you inspired by the nature that surrounds you? 

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