The Art Of Shoes - introducing a new store in Austin + dear Teysha Collaborator!

We are thrilled to announce our newest Teysha Collaborator Selena McCartney who is helping us bring some insanely stunning designs to life! Selena just opened her brand new store, The Art of Shoes Austin, located at 1002 S. 1st Street, 78704. Definitely go and check them out (and you can shop some Teysha styles while you're there!). 

art of shoes austin shoe store

Our designs with Selena have started to come out in to the world and we absolutely can't wait to show you what we have coming in the very near future!! We are sooo grateful to Selena for her passion for design and bringing opportunities to our team in Guatemala. 

teysha amor slide black slip on mule

I mean, seriously!! Get ready for some next-level awesomeness to come! 

sophie eckrich selena mccartney

(Co Founder Sophie + Selena in Guatemala)


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