Embroidered Dream Boots - Trailblazer Collaboration


Join Teysha's next journey into the world of collaborative cross-cultural design and slow fashion. Help us imagine a whole world of embroidered boots, shoes, bags and other creations. It is our mission to bring worlds together, help people express their inner light and foster creativity within our daily lives. 

Care to join us on an artistic boot journey of our own imagination?

Your Boots, Your Impact

  • Your ideas and embroidery inspirations will help develop a design library for artisans and Dream Boot Trailblazers to come.
  • Your boots, inspiration and investment will give artisans direct resources to build their design business. 
  • Your boots create work for multiple textile weavers, embroidery artists, shoemakers, as well as a small team of social entrepreneurs in the US and Guatemala.
  • Your boots  will be a symbol of cross-cultural collaboration and slow-fashion design.

Draw your own pair. 

Feeling inspired? Print the Peace or Peace in the Streets Boot templates. We are happy to speak about design partnerships if you are an artist, designer or looking to kickstart your own creative journey. Reach out to us at Village@teysha.world

Ideas for your design process:

  • We will use your description and inspirations to generate sketches for your boot.
  • You have four shoe panels that can share ideas or all be distinct. 
  • You can be specific; Inside right panel:, Inside left:, Outside right: Outside left:
  • Or you can be open ended. Beach boot, mountain boot, Baseball, Yoga, tacos....
  • Include details about your favorite colors, elements, and style (bold, subtle, etc...)
  • You can tell us a story or direction. Special life event? A trip you want to remember? A loved one you want to honor or give thanks? Your spirit animal? We're all ears!

What to expect:

  • We will contact you with questions within a 3-5 business days of your order and work to get you an approved design within 2-3 weeks. 
  • 2 iterations of your design sketches are included, further tweaks will be subject to a $30 design fee. 
  • Upon your approval, we will begin the actual embroidery, this takes 5-6 weeks. Then it will move to shoemaking which can vary between 4-6 weeks. (Budget 12-14 weeks in total for your boot.) 
  • Yes we can do custom sizing for your boots! Add an order note or email Boots@teysha.world
Male or Female sizing:

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