What's the difference? Is one better than the other? It's all a matter of personal preference.

Teysha Boot Rubber Sole   Teysha Boots Leather Sole

All boots are made with our traditional leather sole, featuring hand-welted leather soles with stacked leather heels, delivering timeless, dependable comfort. If you order rubber, the rubber is placed on top of the leather sole, which is why it is an extra cost.

The sole of the shoe is key to its quality and that's why we are proud of our premium quality soles. Each handmade sole takes at least a day to handcraft by your ensuelador, or soling artisan. Ensueladores must be the strongest and are usually men due to the amount of strength needed to compress and shape the pliable leather into a compressed and durable sole. So durable, in fact, the sole and heel are often mistaken for wood! All Teysha boots are able to be re-soled by a local shoe repair shop as needed, saving you money over time instead of buying new boots, as these will last for decades with love and care.

Leather Sole: Sleek, Classic, Timeless 

  • Ideal dancing sole

  • The sole will be slick when you first receive it, but as soon as you go on concrete or outside, you will scuff it up and it will gain grip and traction.
  • The most traditional sole, how boots have been made for generations and a unique feature of Teysha boots as soles like this are uncommon in recent time because of the time and strength require

  • How long the leather sole lasts before needing to be re soled varies on many factors -- frequency of wear, build of wearer, and weather conditions. If you tend to wear through shoes quickly, we would recommend adding the rubber cap to your sole. 

Rubber Sole: Protects, For the Adventurer

  •  For extra grip in slippery situations, you have the choice of adding a rubber layer to the soles of your boots for $20.

  • The rubber is placed on top of the leather sole, acting as an extra protector and a bit of cushion for long hikes.

  • Replaceable: The rubber can be replaced as needed at any local shoe repair shop and will help increase the life of your boots. It costs less to replace the rubber cap every so often versus re-soling the entire leather boot. 



Questions? Chat with us below or send us an email at village@teysha.is and we are happy to recommend a sole type for you!