Teysha's made-to-order model creates a bridge between artisan communities and you. Enabling you to be a change-making creator and weave your own world. 

When you design a textile or your pair of Teyshas we immediately connect your order with our network of artisans in Central America. This begins a chain of connection and creation that sometimes spans villages, traverses lakes, mountains and languages... creating work, recognition and creativity every step of the way. 

Unlike the 'Fast Fashion World', traditional department stores, and robotic warehouses where prices are pushed to the bottom often at the expense of shoddy materials, abusive labor practices and questionable environmental practices, a conscious fashion economy centered on quality, craft, community and culture can enable better livelihoods and more quality goods, simultaneously. 

We believe that by slowing the process down and providing the opportunity for you to be part of the original design, we can make the world a more thoughtful and beautiful place. 

We believe fashion is meant to both meaningful to yourself and the people who make the good. This collaboration creates a richer, more meaningful economy that respects the environment, enhances cultures and creates more intentional communities.