We specialize in custom fit boots and would love to make a perfect pair for you! Wide, narrow, high arch, flat foot, bunion, special calf size, etc, we have you covered!

The custom fit is completely optional --  if you tend to fit well into a standard size, no worries! Simply select your standard size and we'll get started on your boots right away! 
To measure, You'll Need
  • 1 ballpoint pen, such as a simple Bic pen. If the pen is too thick, it will add extra space to your tracing!
  • Print-out of the measuring sheet below (Click to Download!) or plain piece of printer paper. 
  • 1 measuring tape (tailor's tape, not the stiff metal/ plastic one)
  • A friend to help trace your foot (optional) 
Your final tracing sheet must be saved as  PDF and include:
  • Your name, email, average shoe size, and order number
  • Tracing of one or both feet (one is fine, measure both if you feel they differ noticeably. We can make two different size shoes if you need.)
  • Your measurements in centimeters, rounded to nearest quarter centimeter (1/4, 1/2, 3/4)
    • Length of foot in cm, measured from heel to longest toe
    • Around the ball of your foot (generally the widest part, where your toe bones begin)
    • Around the arch of your foot (generally in the middle of your foot, the most narrow or high point)
    • Your calf -- optional if you ordered the riding boot style 


Foot Measuring Video-- 
Watch the following video and follow along so you can quickly measure your feet correctly. Once you're done, please send your tracing as a PDF and measurements to boots@teysha.is.


 Questions? Give us a shout at village@teysha.is, chat with us below, or book a design appointment with us. We can even FaceTime with you while you measure! Hooray for custom fit shoes!!