Comarca Kuna Yala.... Where it all began.

We seek to connect people with people, and people with places. We do this through our products to a certain degree, but we truly want people to see, feel and understand the kind of jewels that exist around the world. Our expeditions will help you see the cultural and natural heritage behind the beautiful art that makes up our company. These expeditions will be mission based and will be centered around critical developmental projects in the communities.  These expeditions provide an intimate look into the nature of our planet and to connect our adventurers with a truly unique experience. The majority of the experience will be spent interacting with nature and the communities we collaborate with. You can expect to be planting trees, kayaking, farming, cooking, hiking, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, building, and a wide array of other experiences that will challenge your body and mind.  When the journey is over, you will be utterly amazed at what you've accomplished, the friendships you've forged, and the impact you have made. 
We will also occasionally have expeditions and volunteer projects within the states. Exploring natural treasures and getting our hands dirty for our communities.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates and information or e-mail us at