Guatemala is a country rich in creativity and skill in making almost anything by hand. The artisans in our workshop in Guatemala have proven to be invaluable allies in transforming our ideas and dreams into works of art. If you are interested in having shoes made for you or your brand, the artisans in the Teysha workshop can make them! 

With low minimums and personal service, you can work alongside our experienced designers and artisans to design your own line of shoes, bags, or leather + textile accessories. With a wide network of skilled weavers and women's cooperatives, the possibilities of creating unique products are endless while also providing important economic opportunities to artisans.

In the last several years, we've taken on numerous projects for boutique owners who wanted to design their own shoe-lines, and it's been an exciting process for everyone involved. Our doors are always open in Guatemala, and we would be happy to have you visit at any time in the production process or before to learn more and tell your own story. 

Working with us, you can be assured unmatched accessibility, quality, and colorful storytelling to go along with your own line of products. 

If you are interested in Private Label designing, please write to us at to learn more.