boot team

Our purpose is to connect people through art, community, and culture, and cultivate a more vibrant world. We merge heritage art with contemporary style so that communities and art can flourish, and fashion can become sustainable and just.
We work directly with artisan communities throughout the Americas to develop local infrastructure, value chains, designs, and production processes which honor traditional craft while bringing market access and opportunity. We are partners and collaborators, not hand-holders or charity givers. The people we work with are entrepreneurs and designers, driven, motivated, and dedicated to bringing their communities and craft to the next generation of sustainability. Together, we create goods which invite creativity, spark conversation, and inspire adventure.
We look to connect people from all sides; the artisan, fashionista, the world traveler, and everyone in between, giving them the ability to connect, collaborate and create works of wearable art. We believe the future story of fashion will be told by the process of its creation, the communities who make it, and the people who wear it.
Since 2012, we've been building a way of working and expressing that seeks to elevate traditional craft, bring in innovation, shake it up, and create experiences and goods that celebrate the diversity of our world. Every step we take is one towards quality over quantity,celebrating diversity, social justice + opportunity, and for weaving a new world, together.
Thank you for being part of the journey.
Chaos, abundance, and amor,
Team Teysha
ps-- we are always happy to chat, if you have any questions at all, shoot us an email at