How its made matters.

We exist to empower people, communities, art forms, and the environment to thrive and create a better world.

We do this through the creation of our goods and the entire ecosystem that is involved.

The Teysha Workshop


   Our workshop is located in the beautiful green hills outside of Antigua, Guatemala.

It's a quiet town where everybody knows each other, and almost everyone works in the boot world in some form or fashion.

   We did not plan on also starting our own workshop so early, but the universe had other plans for us! In the shop, day in and day out, Hanna, Victor, Daniel, and Leonel prepare textiles, leather, checking quality, and ensuring that things are running smoothly and happily. You can only imagine the coordination and organization required to create many boots where every single pair has two different fabrics, different leather, soles, and unique foot shapes... but these guys manage to do it beautifully as a team!

   We created our Grassroots Manufacturing system in order to maintain the communities and traditions of our  artisans. Each bootmaker has their own specialty, and our system allows them to work from their own home amidst their family. That means that your boots travel from house to house through many stages of production.

   We are so excited to continue to grow our workshop. Today, sunshine and fresh air breeze inside. We are always surrounded by laughter, music, and lots of boots & shoes.

   Our mission is to create a happy, safe, and empowering environment where the talented local artists can share their gifts, know they will be treated well, and have opportunities to grow. Already, the workshop has become a place where many of the people in town, especially the younger ones, are gathering and wanting to work.

   All of our materials are locally & regionally sourced. The leather comes from Guatemalan tanneries that source the hides from Mexico and El Salvador. Our soling leather is made by a woman-owned business about a mile away from our workshop. Our rubber protectors for the shoes come from a Guatemalan company using natural, local Guatemalan rubber. Our shoe laces, eyelets, labels, brands, lasts - everything - are purchased from local Guatemalan small businesses! The textiles we use are purchased directly from women in Guatemala, Panama, Colombia and more. So, you can start to see how it's not just a pair of boots or shoes, it's an entire ecosystem of positive ripple effects!

   It's not the easiest, it's not the cheapest, and it's not the fastest way to make shoes, but we firmly believe it is the way that most honors the people and nature from where these art forms come!As our team would say, somos artesano cien por ciento.  

   If you're ever in Guatemala, we'd love to have you come and visit!

How your Guate Boots and Shoes are Made