Our greatest inspiration comes from our artisan partners and friends, their centuries long heritage of brilliant textile weaving, embroidery, and traditional dyeing techniques have developed one of the most vibrant textile artisan economies in the Americas.

It is our mission to be a platform for their communities, individual artists, families, cooperatives and anyone committed to the perpetuation and brilliance of these cultural arts. 

We believe our friends are the leaders of the 'Slow Fashion Movement' and have frankly been leading the way for sustainable economies and cultures for a millenia. 

While Western/Modern fashion races to create collection after collection, season after season, all the while piling up department stores, your closet, then landfills... all the while draining your pocket book... Indigenous communities around the world have delicately woven, stitched and dyed some of the most meaningful and ingenious designs rivalling that of any haute couture designer in Paris, Milan, New York, or LA (no offense, y'all).

Come visit our friend on Lago Atitlan, Chichicastenango, Antigua Guatemala or in the Comarca Guna Yala of Panama and you will know what we mean. 

Match all of this textile brilliance with our team of shoe and bag making craftspeople who hand sole, cut and sew every piece, every pair of Teyshas is truly a work of custom art meant to stand the test of time. 

Custom allows us to invest and create and source directly into these communities, families and individuals carrying these art forms into the future. 

Your future enables and energizes this beautiful world of art, that is why we work slowly and take our time to make the greatest, culturally infused goods possible.