We would like to invite you to join us on Teysha’s next chapter in empowering the textile artistry of Central America and the contemporary ethical fashion and manufacturing movement.

In 2015, we will be forging the World Weaver Initiative to create a platform for women, weavers and artisans to collaborate across borders, cultures, and industries, while telling stories from their communities, teaching people about the intricacies of their art, and, of course, creating beautiful goods. We will be providing weavers with access to patterns, technology, and payment tools to create a grassroots infrastructure for textile production and help cultivate opportunities for the many fair-trade organizations, artisans and the designers of the world to collaborate and bring purposeful art and goods to the world.

To kick off this next journey, we will be working closely with the weavers and textiles from the region of Zunil (Zoo-Kneel), Guatemala to pilot the first weavings and collaborative goods. It is in a remote region of the country which provides an important challenge in designing solutions that help us empower communities and regions that have considerable geographic barriers to accessing strong markets. It is our number one goal for a weaver in any part of Guatemala to be able to collaborate through our infrastructure, and share their art with the world and global market.

What has become entirely apparent in Teysha’s journey so far, is that the future of ethical and sustainable fashion lies entirely in the hands of the women of our planet. In a major way, we are the stewards of the global economy (We are responsible for over 70% of consumer spending) and, whether we knew it or not, we are the most important investor in every fashion or clothing manufacturing company in the world. We have tremendous potential to create a future where fashion is beautiful from the farm to the thread, empowering and respecting communities worldwide to raise themselves from the grasps of poverty. We can do it!

Many of these remote communities, like Zunil, depend almost entirely on subsistence agriculture to provide for the economic and nutritional needs of their families. There are times crops fail, weather patterns change, and harvests do not meet the communities’ needs leaving family members to resort to desperate measures and in the lucky cases traveling to the bigger towns and cities to trade family assets for supplies and some relief. What is amazing, amid this uncertainty and danger Mayan people’s abundant creativity and textile art has continued to flourish for literally thousands of years, providing a lifeline and opportunity for millions, not to mention warmth and protection from the cool mountain air and a majestic sense of style. We believe there is great opportunity in these weavings. With a holistic infrastructure and key partnerships with stewards and entrepreneurs of the global economy these weavers can help build lasting security in their towns and create a new form of fashion that invests in the resilience and creativity of humanity. It is a big dream but it is entirely possible.

To plant the seeds for this movement, we are inviting all of our allies to participate in a special pre-order round of our pioneer Zunil collection. This initial round will enable us to guarantee wages and material investments for our partner communities to begin the first pilots and weavings of this project and invest in the opening technology developments for the infrastructure.