Teysha's new World HQ in Austin!

It's been an amazing two years of nomadic entrepreneurship, going from city to city, around Austin, around the world, sharing our message and meeting so many fine folks. We are excited, though, to be putting down some roots in Austin and in Guatemala this year!! Our new space is going to be a place of community, art, handmade crafts, entrepreneurship, and creativity. More than a shop, more than an office, the space will continue to develop with your help!

For our Austin roots, we chose our favorite street-- South 1st street, and found an awesome location with a lot of history. We have always loved designing our festival and events booths, but this project was on another level. So, we brought in expert interior designer and queen of DIY, Claire Zinnecker of Claire Zinnecker Design. Claire helped us design a functional space that would help our products shine, and embody the spirit of Teysha. We loved working with Clare because she was so in tune with our vision, and helped us execute it gracefully. She also helped us figure out how to do almost all of the design in house (Travis is now an expert wood worker). Be sure to follow Claire on instagram @clairezinnecker for beautiful design inspiration!


Below you'll see photos of the space before, during, and where we are now! Such a fun adventure, with much more to come!!



Today--- still a work in progress but we are so excited!! Hope to see you here soon!


Home, sweet Boot home!


congratulations – It looks great. I love the use of the triangles for your displays ! Good Luck ! XOXO

Margaret E. March 22, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS TEYSHA!! What a major accomplishment …exciting addition to Austin Community!

Joyce Beck March 21, 2014

Congratulations on your new boot home. I’ll be stopping by next time I’m in Austin. So happy for you. Love your products and your mission and vision. Keep it going.

Marcia March 19, 2014

Love this post! Thanks for your sweet words. I am so happy I was able to work on this with you all!

Claire March 19, 2014

CONGRATS TRAVIS, SOPHIE AND TEYSHA FAMILY!!!!! I will see you guys Saturday!! I will be in town, cannot wait to see the new digs!! I see that this place is quite close to Polvo’s….very fitting but quite dangerous ;) I love you guys!!!!!

HILLARY HALL March 19, 2014

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