Yesterday we were on the road again, and had time to think back on Bonnaroo 2014.

We loved seeing some of our favorite artists, like James Blake, an English artist who is somehow makes electronic music hauntingly beautiful, and dancing to The Carolina Chocolate Drops, who are musical anthropologists and unearth old, forgotten music. We watched our friends from Austin perform, too – Wild Child, and they were rockin their Teysha boots onstage. It gave us goosebumps to see them jamming their hearts out in front of such a giant, happy crowd. Even in the crowd, the passionate authenticity of Kelsey’s voice made it feel like she was singing right to us. We could feel the band radiating pure joy.
We discovered some bands we hadn’t heard before, too. Travis found the Kansas Bible Company. Elton John ended the festival singing Crocodile Rock under a giant moon and golden fireworks.

We also were so blown away by the love and support for our mission of building community and sharing art by people from all over the world, like Thailand, Australia and Norway. We’re so happy to know that there are many more boots, hats and kicks out there exploring the world!

Thank you, Bonnaroo, for the magic and all the new friends and Teysha allies.


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