On day two, we drove through a thunderstorm to Nashville, and stopped at a fried chicken joint recommended by some friends called Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. Hattie B’s is keepin earth weird by making their chicken “Fire Starter” hot! Then we headed over to get some reclaimed wood for our pop-up shop. We love how even this wood has a story – every gnarl and crack tells of the wood’s years as a barn, as an old cotton gin, or as floorboards. We arrived at the Bonnarroo campgrounds as the sun set over the white tents, and met some other vendors – candle makers, fossil collectors, wooden puzzlemakers, and more. Everyone we meet wants to barter – sandals for boots, minerals for belts. They all had stories, too – of summers spent chasing festivals, winters in Hawaii, and visiting every Bonnaroo for the last fifteen years. We’re off to a good start.




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