Here at Teysha, we are constantly amazed at the vibrancy of the huipil (wee-peel) made by the Guatemalan women. The intricacy and variety of the fabric seems otherworldly – that is, until the we see the land of Guatemala. Guatemalan nature is wonderfully colorful. The tropical birds, flowers, and fruit make the country rich in beauty. Their vibrancy pops against the black volcanic rock and cool blue lakes, just like the huipil pop against the deep indigo long skirts traditionally worn by Guatemalan women.

This contrast of color and neutrals inspired our Guate and El Botine boots, which showcase stunning fabric against classic leather.

Take your inspiration from the Guatemalan women and countryside – add a little vibrancy to your neutral day! Paint, wear a flower in your hair, or pair your bright Teysha boots with some earthy colors.

Megan Kelley, who works at Blenders & Bowls, a local Austin acai bowl cafe located in Wanderlust Yoga Studio, makes her day more vibrant by creating a colorful, vitamin-filled dinner, and eating it overlooking the Austin skyline.


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