Teysha Ambassadors and Village Catalysts

We're currently seeking Teysha Ambassadors and Village Catalysts to grow our family and our mission. Do you believe in helping protect our planet's rich cultural and environmental treasures? Be a part of a growing movement to build a new form of industry that works to cultivate cultural diversity and biodiversity. We have shoes to fill!

Teysha Ambassadors

These folks are Teysha's vanguard. They are our community representatives who work to generate opportunities for our artisan communities, raise awareness and support for the Global Village Initiative. Ambassadors should be passionate about their work to unleash and empower global creativity and equally committed to the values Teysha seeks to uphold. Ambassadors should be self-starters who are looking to take matters into their own hands to help build livelihoods that are in sync with the planet's and humanity's needs. You will be a community voice, a marketer, a traveler, anentrepreneur, a recruiter and much more. You will work to create events, demo crafts, recruit travelers, and communicate our mission. 

Village Catalysts

These are the primary creative engines of our organization. They are inspired entrepreneurs who look to carve channels and build roads for our global supply chain. In some instances, we might mean literally. We expect these people to be supremely dedicated to our mission and willing and able to do a immense variety of tasks and have an insatiable desire to learn. One week it might be literally helping to build a road for one of our communities, the next may be crafting marketing plans for our support drives or navigating logistical challenges to our supply chain. Many of our catalysts came to us through their own means of creation by seeking out opportunities in the developing world and going through our Global Village Enterprise Program. Contact us to find out more about becoming one of our catalysts. 

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