Siempre Showers

It's rainy season in Antigua from May-October. During these months, you can expect a few hours of showers every day. The comfort of a dark sky and snuggling indoors during these rainy hours is a magical part of living in Antigua. 

We designed these sandals to take us through the sunny mornings and rainy afternoons in Antigua. Flexible on cobblestones with a rubber sole for good grip, these sandals are durable, have a fun textile accent, and have us feeling light and breezy all day long. 

Siempre means "always" in Spanish

As in you will "always" want to be wearing these Sandals! And now we can make a few more pairs with our Volcán textile back in stock. This amazing textile was handwoven on a footloom and features incredible images of erupting volcanoes. It brings to mind the power of nature, and the incredible force of moving onwards and upwards always!
Sourced from around Lake Atitlan, this vintage textile served for many years as a traditional skirt for Mayan women. As fashion trends go, this textile was eventually replaced for new color patterns, and this textile was sold to our good friend Gladys. The slow fashion reality of Guatemala is a stunning and fascinating reminder to treasure our clothing. 
We love the Siempre Sandal style for it's comfortable elastic ankle strap, and super flexible rubber sole. It's our perfect summer sandal!

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