Liberate Your Sole Tour - Episode 3

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Another 10 days down and another 5 wonderful places on our tour! It's absolutely crazy how fast this tour is flying by.

We started July in Carlsbad, New Mexico. We had a wonderful girl, Meg, who had purchased a pair of boots and some jewelry from us, and was kind enough to invite us to have a trunk show in Carlsbad. This was really the first time we had done a trunk show with someone we had literally never met before and in a city we had never been to. Meg, her husband, and her sister made us feel right at home. Her friends all came and were so sweet and excited and supportive-- by the end of the night we all felt like we had known each other forever. We didn't want to leave and they also wanted us to stay! As we drove away we felt so happy and excited, because this really cemented that we are out here on this tour creating our global community- beyond Austin, beyond Texas, and are making connections with people in a meaningful way! Thank you, Meg and family for the warm welcome!

After Carlsbad we stopped through Santa Fe and Taos which really got our wheels turning as to how to work with our own crafts people in the Southwest. The weavings, jewelry, and designs were exquisite. We hope to soon be able to spend more time in the area and meet some of the communities!

From Taos we headed to Colorado, headed towards Copper Mountain for the Wanderlust Festival. Wanderlust began on Thursday, the 4th of July, and it was such a beautiful day! The area was really neat- a little ski village turned into a yoga mecca. Yoga classes all day long, live music, free healthy food samples, cool vendors, sunshine, all the best things! The festival was much different than any other event we had attended- people were legitimately tired as could be by 8pm every night from being active all day, versus festivals like Bonnaroo where people are out and about until 4 or 5 am. It was a smaller festival as well, so we got to interact many times with most of the people there. It was also one of those places that attracts a very like-minded crowd- so everyone really connected to what Teysha does and wanted to support it. Plus we all know Kuna Kicks go great with yoga pants! Wanderlust also did a great job at bringing in lots of amazing teachers and musicians from all over the country and world -- great to see our favorite, Gioconda, there!

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On Monday, we did a trunk show at the Gaiam Living store on Pearl St in Boulder. I had seen Gaiam in many stores in Austin, but had no idea they started many years ago in Boulder. They have a beautiful store there which really encompasses the whole range of holistic living from healthy homes to bodies to minds and all sorts of tools to help you live life healthfully. We got tons of love there at the store, and had a great time!! Thank you, Gaiam!

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Tuesday it was time for double pop ups in Denver- we were invited to do a show at Common Threads and also at Lululemon in Cherry Creek. We met the lulu girls at Wanderlust and they were so kind to have us at their store. I have always loved their company because it is so focused on living your passion and setting ambitious goals. Each of the team members there exudes joy and positivity and health--- makes you want to get up and get after your goals!! Definitely something we want to incorporate at team Teysha.

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So, as you can tell, we are bringing the travelin' shoe salesmen life back in style! We are so grateful to all our friends who have hosted us at their homes, and of course all our new supporters!

Next up: Aspen, Telluride, Moab, Zion, Vegas, LA, WANDERLUST CALIFORNIA (just announced!), Northern California.


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