Liberate Your Sole tour- episode 4

Continuing along on the epic Liberate Your Sole tour... Colorado and beyond!

Here's a link to some photos from our trip!

After leaving Denver, we headed over to Aspen where we were hosted by the Blues Jean Bar. Aspen is such a beautiful town!!! Flowers everywhere, the gorgeous mountains, people out and about being active. Beautiful place to be!! 

Next was Telluride--- our new number #1 top favorite place (or one of them).... the drive from Aspen to Telluride was incredible, and then reaching the valley our minds were blown! SO beautiful. The mountains are so dramatic, it's so green, and it's such a small but gorgeous place. Our friend Helen from Atlanta hosted us in her beautiful home, where we had a trunk show and met many nice ladies. Everyone was coming in to town for The Ride festival- we'll definitely have to make it there next time!! We did lots of hiking, hangin, and enjoying ourselves there. Thank you, Helen and friends!! 

Onward to Zion--- we drove in at night, so in the morning it was like waking up in a beautiful oasis- tall, red cliffs, green trees, and a cooler temperature than one would expect. We planned to do The Narrows hike, and as we were walking towards it, we started to notice almost everyone was wearing these huge, goofy shoe-things and wet-suit material socks... admittedly we were laughing a little bit at their preparedness. We had failed to realize or notice that we were about to be needing those very badly. First there was one small river to cross, so we all took off our shoes and did it barefoot. Then walked on gravel, then there was another little river. And then we realized that it was all going to be river, for the next 5 hours. Travis decided it was the perfect opportunity to do some Guate Boot product testing. The water was nice and cool, the canyons were giant, and it was so beautiful! We walked in knee deep water for several hours, constantly looking up at the towering cliffs above us. It was so refreshing to be able to hop in the deeper swimming holes and then get out and keep walking in the water. Zion is an amazing park- so well organized, so much to do, and a perfect place to be in the summer!

From there, we stopped over in Las Vegas for the night, which was a stark contrast to the past week to say the least. Thank you Sandy for taking us out! 

After LV, the team was off to Venice Beach, where Hope hosted us in her beautiful beach bungalow.  After several hours of work, we headed off on her bicycles to check out the Venice scene. Super fun, and it was great to see our friends there!! We visited one place in particular that was very inspiring for future Teysha plans.

In the morning we left bright and early to journey on to our next destination- Wanderlust Yoga Festival, round 2 at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe!! We loved being vendors at Wanderlust Colorado and California was equally as amazing!! Such a cool community of people being active, eating healthy, relaxing, and enjoying nature. There was great music and performances, awesome food, and our crew rocked it! Thank you Roger, Mat, Mikayla and our awesome hosts!! 

From Tahoe, we went to San Francisco. Our friend Louis graciously hosted us for a few days while we worked and enjoyed the city. It was so wild to be wearing sweaters and pants in July. Us Texans were not used to that. Later on in the week we were hosted by Melanie in San Mateo in her beautiful garden. Very fun!! 

From the Bay Area, it was time to do the craziest part of our journey- drive from San Francisco to Chicago. The nomad was ready, and so were we. We drove first to the grand Tetons and then to Yellowstone National Park to pay a visit to the buffalo and Old Faithful. We saw thousands of buffalo roaming the fields, a moose, waterfalls, deer, geysers, and lots of people. 

The drive was entertaining with all the beautiful scenery, and before we knew it we were in... Milwaukee!! A place we had always wanted to visit because of the extraordinary project created by Will Allen called Growing Power!! Will is a huge hero of ours and a hero of our heroes as well, so we were so happy to get to visit their farm. We did the farm tour and were able to see everything from the aquaponic systems to the mushroom chandeliers. It was inspiring to see how something that started out as a small plot of land in  Milwuakee has spread all over the city, involved many partners, grown to other cities, and trained and inspired thousands and thousands of people. Be sure to visit Growing Power if you are ever in the area!! 

And then... the last big festival of the Liberate Your Sole tour.... LOLLAPALOOZA!!! We were so honored to be selected as part of the Green Street market there and excited to spend time in Chicago! We had our rockstar team of Travis, Sophie, Hamilton, Maggie, Alex, and Clay holding down the fort and talking with thousands of supremely nice and excited people. Lolla was an incredible way to wrap up the summer festivals, and it was definitely our busiest festival of the LYS tour! On the Monday after Lolla it hit us that we had successfully managed to do an 8 week tour across the country, exceed our sales goals, meet thousands of new people and friends, and spread the Teysha love all over, and we were so grateful. And then it felt like we needed to sleep for 3 days straight :) 

Clay and the nomad ventured on to DC, Nantucket, Boston, and now the nomad is taking a little vacation in DC until September. 


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