Gratitude for the LYS tour

The road goes on forever, and the Liberating never ends!

Team Teysha is settling back in for a brief time in Austin after the most epic summer imaginable.  We rocked and rolled and liberated all over the US of A for 9 whole weeks, 15 states, six music/film/yoga festivals, many trunk shows at people's homes and boutiques, cities on mountains and lakes and the ocean, and amazing national and state parks. We are so, incredibly grateful. When we first had the idea to do the summer tour, our friends and family thought we were crazy. And so did we. So we scaled the tour town from 18 states to 15-- much more manageable :)

But in all seriousness, the success of this trip would have never, ever been possible without your support and the support of all the friends, new and old, along the way. It was a journey powered by people- the artisans who were sharing their creations, our Austin support team, the friends helping spread the word, strangers we met who invited us into their homes and lives, and the thousands of excited festival-goers we met. Teysha is built on connecting people with people, and this summer we were able to do that on a grand scale.

The trip itself has inspired us to dream bigger, push our limits, and really expand the scope of what we want Teysha to be.  For the month of September we will be reflecting on these lessons learned and gearing up for bold and beautiful moves coming up as well as heading to Panama, Colombia, and Guatemala to work with the artisans on the ground. We really came to feel that the world is a huge place, and as many people as we were able to meet, there are still people all over the country and the world who do not have access to these authentic art forms. Alternatively, there are millions of artisans out there who do not have the access to these markets. We want to do our part to change that, and that's what the next chapter is about!

We want to give a heartfelt shout out to everyone who hosted us, helped us, worked with us, and took us out for beers this summer! We were able to see many friends in their new cities and see it through their eyes, meet new friends, and connect.

Bonnaroo- Sanders, Hanna, Sophie Roach, Hope, Bennett; Nashville- Ben Lewis and the band, Timothy, Cheryl and Leah from Wolfe Wolfe, Chase and the Marmalakes/ Wild Child/ Shakey Graves crew; Atlanta- Croizer, Logan, Parkey, Abby, Helen and Emily; Athens- Annie, New Earth, Claire, and all UGA friends!, NOLA- Whole Foods Market + Regina, Nilima; Marfa- our new Krochet Kids friends and fellow pop up vendors, Ihor, Maxwell, Motorcycle buds, Turk, John from Planet Marfa, Clark, and all the awesome people in Marfa; Carlsbad- Meg, Hannah, their beautiful families and friends - we love the Carlsbad crew!; Boulder friends; Michael from Copper Mountain, Kelly and Jefe; Gaiam Boulder and Claire, Vanessa and the Lulu girls in Denver, Ricci, Liz and Clavo, Lanier, Betsy, Blues Jean Bar Aspen, Helen and friends in Telluride, Sandy Kim in Vegas, LA- Hope and Olivia; Tahoe- Roger, Mat and his roommates, Mikayla and Zach, Jenna, St Clair Jewelry team; San Fran- Louis, Molly, Anne Walker, Emily, Victor, Kurt, Melanie and Kurt H; Chicago- Lauren, Lydia, Katy and Howie and Greg, Alex, Hamilton, Maggie, Nick and Alison, Patrick, great to see so many friends in Chicago!; in Nantucket- Benji's boutique, and Brooklyn Boulders in Boston. 

Also a big shout out to NATURE!!! Nature blew our mind with her beauty this trip- we had so many spectacular hikes and camping adventures and visited national and state parks. We are so lucky to have so much to see and do here in our own back yard.

WOOH! The LYS tour would not be possible without any of these dear, generous, and amazing people. And of course we have to thank our artisans, Tessa, our rock star summer interns, families, and friends for the support along the way!

For photos from the trip, visit this link-

Leg 1 video-

Leg 2 video-

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