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The latest collaboration coming from our World Weavers Initiative comes from the beautiful village of Chajul, Guatemala. We have been working with a talented group of ladies to design a boot that is representative of the traditional style of their village and community, while bringing in a contemporary twist. 

We're thrilled to be working with Mikaela, an amazing entrepreneur in Guatemala, to coordinate and design these textiles. Whenever we start working with a new community, we have learned that one of the keys is finding what we call "La Chispita", or The Spark, to be our leader in the community. Every woman we work with is different, of course, but they all share this intense fire and drive to succeed. In Mikaela's case, she has a special needs son, so this is part of what drives her to do whatever it takes to make it work. She travels 4 hours each way to our workshop to come and bring us treasures, and in return brings back work and opportunity for her community. 



In the Eye of the Sky Boot, the classic Quetzal Bird meets vibrant colors and geometric patterns, creating a style that celebrates the colors and stories of the village of Chajul, while bringing much needed weaving opportunity to this group of women and family. 

travis and chajul ladies

Join us in celebrating the vibrancy, creativity, and resilience of these amazing women! 

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Eye of the Sky

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