World Weavers: Chichicastenango and Utz Baj Cooperative

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Ever since we started working in Guatemala, the textiles of Chichicastenango have always called out to us and fascinated us. Their vibrant colors, mountains, volcanoes, fire, rainbows, and symbols consistently amaze us! 

Earlier this year, we started working with the Cooperativa Utz Baj (meaning Good Thread), to create custom patterns together. At first, we didn't know exactly how it would work out, so we went old school and printed out outlines of our boot panels, photos, and to-scale measurements, and distributed this with the women. 

Designing together

A couple weeks later, we came back and they totally blew us away! Not only did they make the patterns we had designed together, they innovated, added new colors and symbols, and created some of the most gorgeous textiles we've seen. To add to that, as soon as Travis started walking around the town, women began gathering around him asking when/how/if they could join the group. 

utz baj ladies

Soon enough, we had a small army of women weaving together and coming up with the most gorgeous textiles and color schemes! 

 travis and utz baj ladies

And the fun has just begun!! 

Check out the Chichicastenango Textiles on our Boot Weaver, and collaborate with these wonderful ladies! 

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Are you guys located in Chichi? Our missions team is coming through in March, my husband and I have been coming to Guatemala, 17 years for him and 7 for me. I would love to see what y’all do and where you are located in Cuichi!

Carrie November 15, 2016

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