Diversity is brilliance. Small is beautiful. 

Hello Teysha World, 

Today is Small Business Saturday, a nice little reaction to the mega madness that is Black Friday. If there's any silver lining to this succession  of commercialism , it is that underneath all of these businesses, both big and small, Amazon or your local fair trade boutique, it's that  people are investing in each other  through trade, creating and sustaining jobs and actively crafting our world.  It is an act of creation at the core. 

Every dollar spent is a vote... we've all heard this. In reality, it's much more. It's an extension of you. Your investment into creating both the world around you as well as that of the people crafting, manufacturing, farming and trading. Through the quality of your purchase, you  have an impact in sustaining that enterprise, those makers, that farm or factory,  and the eco-system that follows. 

To trade, share, create, sell and exchange is as natural as pie (trust us, pie is natural). We,  humanity,  has been doing it since we traded that  first handful of seeds for those first rocks and meat. The supermarkets, Amazon, mega-fashion brands, are the extreme version of just that. If you ask for our opinion, we think there is a happy medium between our days as foragers, farmers and artisans and the current days of mega-manufacturers, stores and same-day delivery. 

What could the world look like if we invested in the small and medium sized producers and creators? Small farms, artisan furniture makers, indigenous creators? Less shopping malls, more farmer's markets.  Less mono-culture, more multi-culture. More ideas, more art, less of the same.  More community, more patience, more beauty, perhaps?  

The art of Mayan textile weaving is an incredible example of what our world could look like if we invested in the small and diverse. A never ending sea of color, creativity, warmth and people actively creating. A living example of the power and beauty of diversity. We love this version of the future and Teysha hopes to always be a tool for  you and the world to create and cherish the unique and celebrate  the incredible brilliance of our world. 

Gratitude for this beautiful wild world and your support,

The Teysha Family 

If you're feeling compelled to do some designing today, hop on our website and use the code 'WaterisLife' and we will donate a blanket to the  folks working hard through the Dakota cold at Standing Rock to protect water and honor nature. You'll also save $20 .

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Create here and protect water


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