The Teysha Guide to Gift Giving, made with LOVE!

We firmly believe in the power of our purchases to impact the lives of others. From our roots in Microfinance and community development in Latin America, we know that the millions of makers, weavers, farmers, designers, and crafters around the world are the engines and sparks that can make our world a more diverse and prosperous place. Each and every purchase you make can bring opportunity to these amazing communities -- we hope you'll consider supporting some of the following companies as you consider your gifts this Holiday season. 

A few of our favorite places to shop for ethically-made, empowering and vibrant goods:




Photo courtesy of Hiptipico 

Hiptipico - Hiptipico works with artisans all over our beloved Guatemala to create the most vibrant and wonderful accessories. Each item is thoughtfully handcrafted by indigenous communities, using high-quality sustainable materials. And they are oh so BEAUTIFUL! 

hiptipico weekender

Hiptipico - Dark Ivy Weekender - $229




Photo courtesy of Kim Lewis Designs

Kim Lewis Designs - Kim Lewis works with artisans around the world to create employment and fund the building of art therapy centers in these communities. She has a stunning eye for design, and is bringing the power of art into the hands of kids around the world! 

striped baja pillow

Kim Lewis Designs - Olancho Pillow (Honduras) - $49

Kim Lewis Designs - Azeb Getaway Tote (Ethiopia) - $228 




The Little Market - The Little Market is a women led nonprofit organization that was founded to empower women. It has an amazing array of fairly made goods from all around the world. They are fair trade queens!! 

striped indigo throw

The Little Market - Indigo Mudcloth Throw - Ocean - $128

The Little Market - Soy Blend Candle - Fig - $26

Purse and Clutch

Purse and Clutch- Purse and Clutch has an amazing collection of fair trade accessories, including purses and clutches, of course, plus many more! With an eye for versatility, the Purse and Clutch team wants to make sure your goods will be used daily!

purse and clutch

Purse and Clutch - Woven Makeup Bag - $28



Photo courtesy of Raven and Lily

Raven and Lily - Raven and Lily has long been one of our favorite places to turn to for great jewelry, apparel, and gifts -- all made by amazingly talented artisans around the world! They are dedicated to empowering women through design. 


raven and lily gold earrings

Raven and Lily - Asmir Hoop Earrings - $36

raven and lily artisans




Soko Jewelry - Soko makes gorgeous, ethically made jewelry with fine details. Even better, Soko's innovative design and production model enables them to work with over 2100 artisans, each of whom has seen their earnings and income rise by 5x!! Our favorite is the Adventure bracelet, pictured here! 

soko jewelry

Soko - Adventure Bracelet - $40




St. Frank Textiles - St Frank is a textile-lover's paradise, with everything from pillows and throws to textile inspired wallpaper and art prints. 

St. Frank - Organic Indigo Mini Framed Textile - $275

St. Frank - Day of the Dead skull ornament - $15




mango and main

Photo courtesy of Mango and Main

Mango and Main - Mango and Main may be new to the retail block, but they've been living and breathing fair trade and service for years. Their first collection brings tons of great gifts to you! 

Mango and Main - Jewelry Roll - $38 




Photo courtesy of Noonday Collection

Noonday Collection - Noonday Collection has an incredible array of beautiful accessories, made with love around the world. Together, you can help them build a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs and we are connected.

noonday collection earrings

Noonday Collection - Anthology Earrings - $28




Pura Vida Bracelets - Pura Vida Bracelets works with artisans in Costa Rica to create their fun bracelets. They aim to release individuals from poverty, and it all started on a college graduation trip!

pura vida bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets - Flat Braided Blue Dream - $20 



Ubuntu Made

Ubuntu Made - Ubuntu has been working in Kenya for over 10 years to create sustainable models of empowerment within the community. Focusing on job creation, health, environment, and more, Ubuntu is a wonderful role model for social enterprises. We love their LOVE bracelets -- an awesome reminder every day to live with LOVE!

ubuntu made

Ubuntu Amor Bracelet 


voz artisan










Photo courtesy of VOZ

VOZ - VOZ, meaning Voice, was created to give a voice and platform for indigenous designers to share their traditional craft with the world. Working hand in hand with the Mapuche women of sothern Chile, VOZ brings an innovative spin to the weaving world. Their luxurious textiles are a dream! 

voz lineas wrap

VOZ - Lineas Wrap - $250


What are your favorites? Do you have another empowering brand we should know about? Please share in the comments below!! 




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I love The Little Market! All of their stuff is gorgeous and makes for great gifts. Almost as great as a pair of Teyshas! :)

Hannah November 29, 2016

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