Guatemala Fuego Eruption - Update and Ways to Help

Written by our Production Manager, Hanna Hall de Arzu, who has lived in Antigua, Guatemala for the last five years. 


We work with artisans in extraordinary places in Latin America. Our workshop in Guatemala is surrounded by natural beauty and impressive colossal volcanoes, but we've just been reminded of the power and unpredictability of Mother Nature.


This past Sunday, June 3rd, an enormous eruption from the neighboring Fuego Volcano surprised us all with thick ash clouds, ash rain, and new powerful lava flows. Our shoemaking workshop received a thick ash fall that will take time to clean up, but just 10 miles away, various towns were devastated. 
The worst damage occurred near Alotenango, where thick lava flows and lahars buried many homes and farms, killing and injuring many. The list of missing is growing and the recovery process will be long and difficult. At times like these, we are just aching to relieve the hurt of the beautiful people we live and work with. 
There are many relief efforts already underway, but we would like to do our part and donate 20% of all sales for the next two weeks (until June 17).  We plan to donate this directly to the Red Cross of Guatemala, however, if we identify any other less well-funded organizations in need, we will update everyone. 
If you would like to send help directly, you can also donate through this Go Fund Me link. This is a trusted link and verified source. 
Thank you for thinking of Guatemala in this time of challenge and heartache. The Guatemalan people are strong, selfless, and will no doubt, rise from this situation, and we want to be there to help. 
If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. We will do our best to keep you updated on any news or additional ways we hear of to donate. 


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