What to get your Mom on Mother's Day, based on her Zodiac Sign

Mother's Day is around the corner, and we all know how important it is to show our Mother's just how much we love them! I put together a list of gifts your Mother will most likely appreciate based on her astrological sign, because who doesn't love giving a perfect gift?! Especially one that is ethically crafted by hand, just for her! 

Is your mother a mysterious Scorpio who needs a new black duffle bag? Or a trendsetting Libra who could use some funky slides? We've got all the answers below...

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Aries is one of the most enthusiastic, impulsive and fiery of the fire signs. Fire loves fire, and Aries are attracted to flames, so get your fiery Mother a pair of our Surface Of The Sun Smoking Slippers to match that bold personality of hers.



Our Taurus Mother's are known for their love of luxury and high-quality clothes. Surprise your mother with a pair of our blue leather tassel mules, La Guapa Del Mar, for something that is not only unique and beautiful, but displays the incredible craftsmanship of our shoe makers so well!



Gemini's curios personality makes them lovers of all things new and interesting. Even though they may have a hard time making decisions, nothing will make them happier than giving them a gift certificate to design their very own pair of shoes! They can customize every detail, and make them absolutely perfect.



Cancer's emotions run deep, meaning they highly value sentimental, thoughtful and personal gifts. Because no one knows your Mother better than you, custom design a pair of Vaquera heels just for her. She will love you forever.



Leo's are our generous, warm-hearted and loving mothers who enjoy expensive things and bright colors. Gift your mother with a one-of-a-kind boot that is bold, bright, and beautiful - just like her.



Virgo Mother's are the lovers of animals, nature, healthy foods, cleanliness and all things practical. Give your Mom a Siempre Sandal because not only is Summer around the corner, but no shoe is more comfortable than this!



Libra is the sign of the trendsetter and idea innovator. They love anything fresh, new, and quality made. Gift the Libra in your life a pair of Panama Amor Slides because this one-of-a-kind, colorful, funky and incredibly easy slip on shoe will make your Libra Mother smile for the next month. 



Scorpio's are our mysterious and adventurous Mother's. Give her the Cartagena Duffle Bag for something that will perfectly compliment her goals. 



Curious and energetic, Saggitarius is one of the biggest travelers among all zodiac signs. Their open mind and philosophical view motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Give your Sag Mother the Santiago Duffle Bag, and maybe add a pom pom because they will love color!!



Our responsible Capricorn Mothers truly value high quality craftsmanship. They may be a bit conservative, so keep it clean with an all brown leather mule, La Guapa Eterna.



Aquarius are creative, daring and very independent. Give them an Amor Belt Slide for something that will always make them stand out in the crowd! 



Pisces are the water baby dreamers of the world. Lovers of music and romance, the Tulum Clutch is the perfect gift for them to take on any night out or event. 


With lots of Love and Light,

Ashley Ludkowski


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